Reading rooms and group-work spaces

Reading rooms and group-work spaces

The science and research reading room is a space for research work. It has 26 seats and 12 computers connected to the Internet. Users may use computers and materials located in the reading room, as well as materials from protected collections, magazines, and newspapers obtained from the storage. By agreement, educational workshops for users are organized in such spaces.

With its 40 seats, the study reading room is a space for studying and silent work. The reading room offers a reference collection (encyclopedias, lexicons, dictionaries, etc.) and a collection of books that cannot be borrowed outside the Library.

The group-work room is intended for a group of users to hold presentations, screenings, seminars, and projects that enable conversations and discussions. The room has 16 seats and can be booked by email:

In the case of individual use, no reservation is required.

The open space for group work has 6 seats and is free to use without prior reservation.

Reading rooms and group-work spaces can be used only by Library members who enter the spaces through a system of self-identification, i.e. by using membership cards or student cards.

Users can book their seats in advance via the e-reservation system (seat reservation in the reading room).

All spaces are open to users during the Library’s working hours.