Use and borrowing system

Use and borrowing system

Use of materials in reading rooms

All materials owned by the Library can be used in the reading rooms. 

After using the open-access materials, they should be left in a designated and marked place in the Library, and not put back on shelves.

  • The materials kept in a closed storage can be obtained through promissory notes that need to be filled in legibly (provide complete and accurate book reference number, i.e. signatura) and signed by hand, or through an online request form.
  • To receive the requested materials from the storage, the user needs to wait no longer than 30 minutes and can use the materials the same day.
  • To use the material for more than one day, it is necessary to inform the employee at the borrowing desk. Otherwise, the materials are returned to the repository.
  • The borrowed materials are to be put on the shelves provided for that purpose and to continue using them, it is necessary to inform the employee at the borrowing desk.
  • The requested material can be used for a maximum period of 30 days.
  • The requested material cannot be given to other users for use.
  • Materials with the note ‘for reading room only’ in the library catalog and materials in the Library with a mandatory copy
  • Reference Collection
  • Collection of old and rare material
    • Biblioteca civica with the Fluminensia collection included
    • Historical collection with the collections of Adriatica and Rara included
  • University Collection
  • Disertationes Universitatis Fluminensis (collection of doctoral dissertations defended at the University of Rijeka)
  • Adriatica Collection
  • Serial publications (newspapers, magazines, etc.)
  • Manuscripts, sheet music
  • Maps and postcards
  • Original graphics, posters, folders with reproductions, and exhibition catalogs
  • Materials inventoried as of 1969
  • Material on electronic media and microfilm

Newspapers, materials from the Biblioteca Civica and Historical collection, and materials on electronic media and microfilm must be requested the day before, while other materials for use in the reading rooms can be requested the same day.

Materials from special collections, newspapers, and magazines can be used only during the regular working hours of the Library.

The user is allowed to borrow a total of 10 volumes of books and 5 volumes of magazines and newspapers in the reading rooms per day.

Borrowing materials outside the Library

Books for use outside the Library can be borrowed only by Library users with an annual membership.

  • A maximum of three (3) volumes can be borrowed at a time.
  • Users are obliged to borrow open-access material at the desk.
  • If the user does not pick up the requested books within three (3) days, they will be returned to the repository.
  • The last delivery of materials from the closed storage is 15 minutes before the end of the Library’s regular working hours.
  • Users may not borrow material for other persons, or under someone else’s name.
  • The user may not take the borrowed material outside the Republic of Croatia, nor give it to other persons for use.
  • Users are obliged to protect the borrowed material and return it within the prescribed period in the condition in which they borrowed it.
  • The materials are to be returned within 30 days.
  • Users can see their borrowed material here.
  • The borrowing period can be extended only once if the material has not been reserved by another user in the meantime.
  • An extension of the borrowing period can be requested only before the period expires.
  • For books that are not returned on time, a late fee is charged per unit and per number of days, the borrowing period is exceeded, according to the services price list.
  • In case of termination of membership, the user is obliged to return all borrowed materials and settle possible debts.
  • Material borrowed by another user can be reserved.
  • After the return of the material, the Library informs the user who is obliged to pick it up within three (3) working days.
  • After three (3) working days, the reservation is canceled.
  • In case of damage to the material, the user is obliged to compensate the damage according to the Decision on the criteria for assessing the value of the material.
  • The user who loses the borrowed material is obliged to replace it with the same edition (same ISBN). If the material is unavailable on the market, the user is obliged to reimburse the costs of procurement according to the amount stated in the inventory book or according to the book’s assessed value according to the Decision on criteria for assessing the value of the material.
  • In case of lost material, the user is obliged to pay the late fee incurred until the moment of procurement of the same edition or payment of procurement costs.
  • Until the cost of lost or destroyed material is reimbursed, the Library will deny the user the right to use the materials and services of the Library.