University of Rijeka’s doctoral dissertations

University of Rijeka's doctoral dissertations

The University library takes into its holdings doctoral dissertations defended at the University of Rijeka. In January 1987, the University Chancellor’s office gave its archive of 184 doctoral dissertations to the Scientific library, which since then has been adding new dissertations into the collection.

Separate catalogue inventory this collection was made immediately that now uses DUF call numbers. One master alphabetical, academic and local card catalogue were also made at the time. So, seven years prior to initiating the Scientific library as the University library, the Scientific library had taken an official archiving function for the dissertations, and also releasing information on their contents, as one of the most important intellectual properties of the university.

Through establishing a networked online catalogue of the University library, printed cards with bibliographical descriptions were changed to electronic notations, while starting work with digital forms of different materials in 2006, enabled a systematic digitizing of the dissertations’ title pages, contents and the bibliographic notations. In this way, the complete collection of dissertation synopsis is made available on these web pages, and it is updated at least once a year, so that the library users can look into the dissertation collection continually. This project is now a foundation to creating digital collections of dissertations’ full-texts, which were defended at the University of Rijeka.